TORONTO (November 14, 2019) – The Sub-metering Council of Ontario (SCO) is introducing a policy aimed at protecting the province’s most vulnerable electricity customers during winter.

Under the policy, customers that may be low-income or have specific health challenges will not be disconnected between December 1, 2019 and March 19, 2020 (when winter officially ends) for non-payment of their electricity bills. In particular, the voluntary policy protects Ontario residents:

o enrolled in the Ontario Works program;
o enrolled in the Ontario Disability Support Program;
o enrolled in the Ontario Energy Support Program (OESP);
o with applications pending for the OESP or the Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP); or
o who rely on medical devices that require electricity, with supporting documentation from a physician.

The government’s bold leadership and funding of these programs is aimed at supporting Ontarians that truly need assistance. This is to be commended.

For sub-metering customers, focusing the ban on disconnections to protect vulnerable Ontarians ensures the policy is sustainable, remains focused on those who need it, and ensures electricity costs remain low for all other customers. Our experience demonstrates that many winter disconnections take place at the homes of snowbirds and those who live abroad – people who have the means to pay their bills and do not require special protections.

SCO members have also committed to helping low-income customers access support programs such as the LEAP and the OESP. Over the last two years, Ontario’s sub-metering industry has proactively enrolled thousands of qualifying customers for OESP, which provides a credit to customers that helps lower their hydro bill.

For more information, contact your SCO sub-metering provider.

What is Sub-Metering?
Sub-metering is Ontario’s most successful conservation program. Sub-metering uses meters to measure the consumption of electricity by each individual unit. Sub-metering allows occupants to take control of their commodity use with access to accurate and detailed information about their consumption allowing them to understand, monitor and conserve. Sub-metering generates electricity savings of up to 40% in multi-residential buildings, and significant reductions in GHG emissions.

About the Sub-metering Council of Ontario
The Sub-metering Council of Ontario (SCO) represents Ontario’s leading independent (nonutility)
sub-metering providers that are committed to energy conservation in the province. SCO
members serve over 236,000 families in multi-residential buildings (condominiums and
apartments), at fees that are competitively negotiated and save the average customer over
$117 per year, compared to utility monopolies. All SCO members are licensed by the Ontario
Energy Board.

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