The Sub-metering Council of Ontario (SCO) represents Ontario’s leading independent (non-utility) sub-metering companies that are committed to energy conservation in the province.

Its membership includes Metergy Solutions Inc. formerly Enercare Connections, Provident Energy Management, and Wyse Meter Solutions.

SCO members are at the forefront of energy conservation and delivering climate action results for Ontario.  Our Fall 2019 Update provides a snapshot of what the SCO is delivering for Ontario consumers – and the Province – EVERY MONTH.  View Infographic

In response to COVID-19, SCO members are offering SEVEN different programs and initiatives that can help customers experiencing financial difficulty manage their electricity bills during the pandemic.

You can learn more about the power of sub-metering from a recently published study by NAVIGANT Consulting, which reviews in detail the significant savings sub-metering electricity can bring to Ontario.  Read Navigant Study Now